Average Jer’s Guide to Blog Posts

When it comes to blog posts they should be like a ladies skirt, super short to catch your attention and only long enough to cover the subject. Many blog posts go unread because simply they are boring. Blogs are discussion tools. If the readers attention is tweeked, they will reply to ask more information and add their input and ideas.

Also lots of graphics and pictures spice things up and add an extra 1000 words to the mix.

Happy blogging.

How short is your skirt ๐Ÿ™‚


PIDP- The Past-The Future.

Enrolling in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program offered by Vancouver Community College was one of the best things I could of done. After years of instructing it will be nice to have a formal diploma. In addition to receiving the certificate, I will have acquired some very valuable knowledge that I have and will continue to utilize in the class room. The PIDP program consists of seven embedded courses and a Capstone Project. To date I have completed six of the seven courses. I have left to complete the 3240 (media) and the capstone project.

My biggest learning’s came in the 3220. It taught me the basic skills of preparing and running a class. I left there with this nice little tool bag of skills to work with in the classroom. Understanding Blooms Taxonomy helped me realize what levels my students are at and what I need to do to get them to the next level.

In the 3100 I learned that harbor the Behaviorist style of teaching and its strength and weaknesses and the importance of being more flexible and the need to utilize more of the other methods of teaching.

I look forward to the last two courses and completing the PIDP program. I will highly recommend this to anyone that is in the instructing field.

Are you enjoying the PIDP Program??


Learning For The Long Haul

Dr Wayne Dyer once said “The difference between the flower that is dead and the flower is living, is that the flower that is living is still growing” He links it to the idea that we are always learning new things and moving forward.

Whether it is formal or informal learning, to keep up with the current trends and to stay ‘professional’, one should take in a much training/ experience as possible. Some places of employment dictate if an employee must complete a certain amount of professional development hours and partake in various courses and seminars. Simply reading an article in a journal that is related to your area of teaching is also a good way to learn new ideas. If one does not make an effort to continue to learn then you run the risk of losing your creativity. Sticking to old ideas and methods can quickly close the mind off and become a breeding ground of stale thinking. If one is not entertaining new ideas, motivation levels can also drop. If you are looking for advancement or higher level positions, you most likely will require more credentials to make yourself qualified for a wider range of jobs.

Keep Focused, Keep up, Keep Learning ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you want to learn today????

maxยทim your way to Chapter 20

A succinct formulation of a fundamental principle, general truth, or rule of conduct, is how Brookfield wraps up his book in Chapter 20. Just like handing a child his lunch box and patting on the back on his way to school, Brookfield is providing us with fatherly words of wisdom to guide us forward.

I thought it was a good way to wrap up his book. I think ‘Maxim 1’ is important. Stress is a killer and can burn you out very fast. By not taking care yourself mentally and emotionally your going to cause harm to yourself and provide no useful value to your students. Keep a mental health check going and keep things in balance (very hard to do, but can be done). There was a couple months when I felt very drained and defeated and dreaded going to class. My co-worker came to me one morning and informed me he was doing a mental intervention. He offered to take my class for the day and then that weekend we went out for a bike ride. One simple act put me into a shift that got me on the level again.

The other Maxim of Brookfield’s I liked was number 16 ‘Don’t Trust What You’ve Just Read’. Don’t worry Stephen, I don’t ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s your Maxim????


Bad Accreditation Got you Down??


Having your accreditation questioned or worse suspended can cut a training institution off at the neck. I liked this article because it touched on a couple of issues we are facing at the college I teach at. The meat and potatoes of this article is McGill’s medical program was audited by the Governing body in the region. It was found that they were deficient on 24 items and will have to get them up to standard or risk losing their accreditation. They sited one of the main issues as being in the middle of implementing a new curriculum. The other is keeping consistency in the hospitals their student work their practicums in.

Here at the College we are in the middle of getting a new curriculum rolling that answers to a different agency. In the meantime trying to keep the former one going. Also we send our trainees into the work place for onsite practical’s. Because we utilize several different companies, it can be difficult to maintain consistency as some companies enforce their policies more than others.

As new technologies develop the required evaluations also must change and reviewing, amending policies and procedures to keep current is a must.

Are you Accredited?
Will you sleep at night the day before your next annual Audit? ๐Ÿ™‚