PIDP- The Past-The Future.

Enrolling in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program offered by Vancouver Community College was one of the best things I could of done. After years of instructing it will be nice to have a formal diploma. In addition to receiving the certificate, I will have acquired some very valuable knowledge that I have and will continue to utilize in the class room. The PIDP program consists of seven embedded courses and a Capstone Project. To date I have completed six of the seven courses. I have left to complete the 3240 (media) and the capstone project.

My biggest learning’s came in the 3220. It taught me the basic skills of preparing and running a class. I left there with this nice little tool bag of skills to work with in the classroom. Understanding Blooms Taxonomy helped me realize what levels my students are at and what I need to do to get them to the next level.

In the 3100 I learned that harbor the Behaviorist style of teaching and its strength and weaknesses and the importance of being more flexible and the need to utilize more of the other methods of teaching.

I look forward to the last two courses and completing the PIDP program. I will highly recommend this to anyone that is in the instructing field.

Are you enjoying the PIDP Program??


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