max·im your way to Chapter 20

A succinct formulation of a fundamental principle, general truth, or rule of conduct, is how Brookfield wraps up his book in Chapter 20. Just like handing a child his lunch box and patting on the back on his way to school, Brookfield is providing us with fatherly words of wisdom to guide us forward.

I thought it was a good way to wrap up his book. I think ‘Maxim 1’ is important. Stress is a killer and can burn you out very fast. By not taking care yourself mentally and emotionally your going to cause harm to yourself and provide no useful value to your students. Keep a mental health check going and keep things in balance (very hard to do, but can be done). There was a couple months when I felt very drained and defeated and dreaded going to class. My co-worker came to me one morning and informed me he was doing a mental intervention. He offered to take my class for the day and then that weekend we went out for a bike ride. One simple act put me into a shift that got me on the level again.

The other Maxim of Brookfield’s I liked was number 16 ‘Don’t Trust What You’ve Just Read’. Don’t worry Stephen, I don’t 🙂

What’s your Maxim????



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