Learning For The Long Haul

Dr Wayne Dyer once said “The difference between the flower that is dead and the flower is living, is that the flower that is living is still growing” He links it to the idea that we are always learning new things and moving forward.

Whether it is formal or informal learning, to keep up with the current trends and to stay ‘professional’, one should take in a much training/ experience as possible. Some places of employment dictate if an employee must complete a certain amount of professional development hours and partake in various courses and seminars. Simply reading an article in a journal that is related to your area of teaching is also a good way to learn new ideas. If one does not make an effort to continue to learn then you run the risk of losing your creativity. Sticking to old ideas and methods can quickly close the mind off and become a breeding ground of stale thinking. If one is not entertaining new ideas, motivation levels can also drop. If you are looking for advancement or higher level positions, you most likely will require more credentials to make yourself qualified for a wider range of jobs.

Keep Focused, Keep up, Keep Learning 🙂

What do you want to learn today????

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