Bad Accreditation Got you Down??

Having your accreditation questioned or worse suspended can cut a training institution off at the neck. I liked this article because it touched on a couple of issues we are facing at the college I teach at. The meat and potatoes of this article is McGill’s medical program was audited by the Governing body in the region. It was found that they were deficient on 24 items and will have to get them up to standard or risk losing their accreditation. They sited one of the main issues as being in the middle of implementing a new curriculum. The other is keeping consistency in the hospitals their student work their practicums in.

Here at the College we are in the middle of getting a new curriculum rolling that answers to a different agency. In the meantime trying to keep the former one going. Also we send our trainees into the work place for onsite practical’s. Because we utilize several different companies, it can be difficult to maintain consistency as some companies enforce their policies more than others.

As new technologies develop the required evaluations also must change and reviewing, amending policies and procedures to keep current is a must.

Are you Accredited?
Will you sleep at night the day before your next annual Audit? 🙂


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