A Question of Scruples.

What is ‘ETHICS’ anyway???????
plural noun: ethics; noun: ethics
1. Moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior.
2. The branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles.

I think most people have a built in code of ethics from an early age. That instinctive feeling you get when doing something that is not right even if no-one ever told you that it was wrong.

But then came along words like integrity, accountability, lawful, moral. Doing something against the rules compromised these valuable characteristics that defines us. But the word that scares everyone and prompts us to be mindful of the rules is ‘liability’. There is always a price to pay when boundaries get crossed and rules broken.

Just about every organization has a Code of ethics to protect the integrity of, you guessed it ‘them’ not you. You will do this and this and this and that to keep your job your credibility and our integrity.

The College I teach at has a code of ethics and as a part of initial orientation, your made aware of the document. Its your standard do’s and don’ts, but because we are situated in a Gulf Country, extra items are added to address local customs.

But what happens when someone breaks the rules or commits an unethical act. It usually does not end well for the instructor and the training institution quickly goes into damage control mode to protect itself from losing its accreditation.

Ottawa teacher fired after she was accused of having ‘sexual relationship’ with two male students

Referring to the article above, Joanne Leger-Legault career was shattered upon being accused of having intimate relations with students. I often wonder if the outcome for her would of been different if they were not her students. What she did was not good, but does being a teacher make one more vulnerable to the media and more pressure on authorities to convict. Either way as ambassadors to the public and figure heads of trust we need to keep our ethics in check.

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