Living the dream in Powertopia!!

In Chapter 18, Brookfield welcomes you to join him in his world of fantasy and visions of harmonious balance and equality between teachers and students. This is an area that can be challenging for many instructors. You want to exude confidence, fairness, respect to your students. You aim to establish rapport that your there for them and will use your position of authority to create a positive learning environment. But keeping the power balance requires skill and experience. If you are to tough and ridged with your students, they can shutdown or feel to intimidated to learn. If you do not show enough authority and confidence, the students will take the power and walk all over you and make teaching a nightmare.

I have always been a believer in consistency. Its nice to see Brookfield devote a paragraph or two on this as I think the same way. (we actually agree on something 🙂 )You set clear rules and expectations and then stick by them. After a while your students will respect them and get to know where the boundaries are and as long as I maintain them things usually go well. Finding the power balance takes time and experience. Every term I see new faces and different combinations of personalities but I keep my same principles.

Are you living in Powertopia??


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