Jer’s Five Year Outlook is Cleared for Take Off :)

Where is Jerry Professionally?????

Good question, Am I a professional?? Currently I am instructing full time at a college and learning how to be an instructor on the side 🙂

The last two years have been great. I added a new element to my already decorated career of oil field operating, fire fighting and training officer role and my ongoing training to become a small charter commercial pilot.

Getting full time teaching experience and taking this diploma course is going to be a perfect fit in my long range plans. At this point in time, im looking to instruct in Qatar for the next couple of years, maybe longer if all goes well. At some point I will return to Alberta were I want to expand my little consulting company to offer specialized onsite oil and gas training to various energy companies in the region. I am also going to finish my commercial flying license and try to work part time for small charter companies. I would also like to teach as a flight instructor at the flying club I am affiliated with as well.
At this point there are no plans to enter the public teaching sector but you never know. To make my goals reality I will keep up what I am doing. Keep working, keep training and not lose focus and enjoy the ride along the way 🙂

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