My Teaching Perspectives Profile

I participated in a Teaching Perspective online survey. I found it to be quite interesting. Before I digest and divulge my interpretations on what it all means a couple of custodial items to address.

1) If you have completed the survey, I’m guessing you understand the different categories and have a rough idea how it works and require no explanations on how to interpret the results.

2) If you have not taken the survey then you must do so now or none of what you read below will make any sense to you. Please take a moment to read the TPI website and complete the survey by clicking on the following link:

Very well then…. What does it all mean??????

My very first impression and insights was I bet if I took this survey 5 years ago the results would be much different. When I was instructing Alberta Fire Fighters and Gas Plant Operators, my Transmission and Apprenticeship scores would of been off the chart. I am a type A personality with a behaviorist style of teaching and totally objective orientated. in this survey, Nurturing had the highest score and I think that is due to the teaching environment I am currently in. Qataris are very cohesive and social people and do not respond well to rigid structure. I had to totally overhaul my teaching style and focus more on their needs as a learner. I am actually quite happy with these results as it is showing I have been successful in making changes and am more of a balanced instructor. The overall scores were pretty close with the lowest being 30 and the highest being 36. I did not pay much attention to the sub-scale (B-I-A) as I felt it was a bunch of road apples as I cant really correlate there numbers to the style of questions that were asked. I enjoyed taking the survey and reflecting over the results.

How did you do??????????????????????? 🙂

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