Experiencing Brookfield, Chapter 1

I am not going to lie in the fact that I’m not the biggest fan of Brookfield. Reading this book was quite a chore and very hard on the eyes. When you read a paragraph that references 15 authors coupled with oddly placed 1000 dollar words into his 5 dollar writing makes for a long read.

However….. The only quote I liked came from Chapter 1 and this post is to comment on Chapter 1 so lets focus on that shall we.

I teach in the Middle-East. By nature the local students are not very fond of school and are very laid back and un-motivated by nature. I am hired to instruct these fine young men to become diligent gas plant operators. They are great kids but because they have not mastered the concepts of being interested in learning, it can be very challenging to most instructors here.

One of the few quotes in Brookfield’s book that have been introduced to my highlighter is as follow’s

“I cannot motivate anyone to learn if at a very basic level they don’t wish to………I can build the best possible case for learning, and then cross my fingers and hope for the best”. (Brookfield, 2006 p.10)

I do my best and can usually shift my students in the right direction but for the ones I cant then I have a bit of reassurance that I am not a failure If I cannot.

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