Web-Conference Assignment

Web-Conference Reflection:

It was a pleasure to be paired up with Marlena. We each found articles and information on what social media looks like in a traditional classroom. It was interesting conversing with Marlena. She is a young aspiring lady that is undertaking college courses and I am a “middle aged” jabrone that has been instructing for a while and am expanding my knowledge. It showed me that age, gender, background really does not play a factor as we both found different articles but came up with similar conclusions. An interesting note was that my Skype was having issues, we did manage to get one session in but the latter was through other forms like e-mail. This reflects our topic as we utilized different methods of social media to complete an objective. To me what jumped out of Marlena’s findings was the role of the instructor is shifting to more of a coach. Managing students and guiding them to use different tools to access the information is more of the focus. I agree with this as I found similar information to back this up and think the same way. The heavy hitter in Marlena’s trends finding that the traditional classroom is converting into a modified hybrid of lecture hall/ social learning commons. Individual learning is giving way to a more collaborative effect among the learners.

Thank you Marlena for your input and your efforts in this assignment. Good luck on the rest of the 3100 course and I will be checking your blog once in a while to “check up on you”.

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