What do good instructors do that makes “you” want to learn??? Let Jerry know :)

3 thoughts on “What do good instructors do that makes “you” want to learn??? Let Jerry know :)

  1. Adam Beacham

    The best teachers in my experience have been those that have an undisguised and infectious passion for the course material. They are clearly excited about the subject, and that excitement is picked up by the students. If the instructor doesn’t think the subject is interesting or worthwhile, then why should the students have an desire to learn it?

    If you can convince the class that what they are about to learn is cool, then you have a better chance to keep their attention.

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  2. Gerard Dominic

    Hi Jerry. Only too happy to reply to this. It is a constant challenge to engage adult learners. Personally I try to make the learning relevant and ‘real’ in the minds of students. I always try to capture their interest with an insightful discussion oriented question that targets prior knowledge assessment and then a challenging and reflective discussion question to hold attention before leading them to more in-depth content knowledge. This has always worked for me in trying to engage students in participative learning. Of course subject matter plays an important role in determining their level of involvement. Good luck with your course! Gerard

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  3. Beaver Smith

    Hello Jer,

    To my way of thinking a good instructor is one that allows the student learn on their own. By this I mean there is a clear objective stated, theory is presented, examples are referenced and the student is allowed time/exercise(s) that allow for the joining of the material/ideas/theory presented. And in closing a grading of some sort by the instructor/piers.

    To me this process flow allow new ideas/material to be presented, a chance for application and finally a confirmation.

    I often find this approach difficult in a lot of acidemic setting where there is limited time allocated and often way to many learning objectives.

    A good instructor (one that makes me want to learn) is one who can present in this way…

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